These are the Flowers to Send for Milestone Anniversaries

These are the Flowers to Send for Milestone Anniversaries

Layne Cox

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Milestone anniversaries provide the perfect opportunity to add a little POMP to your love life.


When it comes to wooing and wowing your boo, anniversary flowers play a key role—especially for major celebrations like 10th, 25th, and 50th anniversaries. For such momentous occasions, we adore a ruby red rose.


Classic, right?


Well…while red roses are of course classic, ours are anything but expected—which is why they make the perfect flowers for an anniversary. Arriving with anywhere between 25 and 100 stems in tote, our Ruby Reds are sure to stun your significant other, thanks to their brilliance of color and abundance of blooms. Not only do our arrangements give the effect of bursting at the seams, but they are delivered overnight in order to ensure freshness and convenience.


We get that it can be daunting to coordinate plans, whether they be an extravagant trip to Tulum or a romantic candlelit dinner at home—let alone topping things off with flowers as well. That’s why our business is set up the way it is. An anniversary flower delivery takes the load off and ensures you’re able to surprise your significant other without having to think about timing a trip to the flower market. And we just so happen to think that our Ruby Red Rose is the winning ticket for such an occasion. The romantic red tone sings, “I love you.” The abundance of blooms boldly cries, “I love you with my whole heart.” And the long-lasting lifetime of the roses wildly proclaims, “I’ll love you forever!”


You can’t go wrong with a classic red rose. And you certainly can’t go wrong with our Ruby Red Roses. Let your love overflow—just like the abundance of these beauties. Let the way they captivate a room inspire you and the love of your life to continue celebrating your relationship for many more years to come.