Why are POMP roses unique?

Why are POMP roses unique?

Layne Cox

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Any glance at a POMP arrangement beckons a reaction: but behind any awe is a vast world of technical growing techniques that make a POMP rose a POMP rose. Nature and nurture are two key elements at play when it comes to cultivating petal perfection.

"We're the family farm, that knows a rose is more than a rose."

Different rose varieties have different objectives and serve different purposes. Some are bred to have larger blooms, some to last longer, and some to grow taller. At POMP, our growers have selected only the top-notch varieties in order to provide a nothing less than exceptional experience to our customers. The genetics of POMP roses are different from any other on the market, as being the grower, gives us unique access to exclusively bred varieties that have been perfected on our farms for past 30 years. 

While hundreds of rose varieties are grown on our farms, POMP carefully selects those we know are best suited to perform in the medium by which they are being distributed. For POMP, we place emphasis on durable varieties which have the ability to survive when transported out of water and will bloom beautifully over time in your home. Our founder and CEO, Steven Peisach, describes a POMP rose as “Not just any yellow rose or red rose.” He adds, “We grow premium quality roses only, there is no option two or next tier.” Thus, because experience is so vital to our POMP DNA, once we sell out, we sell out, and there is no such thing as a backup supply or variety.

Next, we will tackle how these flowers are nurtured to their utmost potential. The conditions to grow the flowers present in both Colombia and Ecuador not only provide them with the ideal amount of sunlight, but also the perfect temperatures to thrive. The growth is further enhanced through the use of the most sustainable farming practices, such as recycling waste products and soil to develop extremely nutrient rich soil. POMP prides itself in its constant updating and investing in infrastructure of its greenhouses and facilities. The facilities that each and every flower will grace across its lifespan are fully functional, top of the line, and carefully run. POMP employees meticulously water and tend to the plants, as year-round care is of utmost importance. 

With nature and nurture in mind and at heart, every POMP flower is raised to mesmerize from root to bud to bloom.