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Can you grow roses from cut stems? Truth or social fad?

Our experts weigh-in on the new trend on social showing people growing roses from cut stems.  Is this really possible?

What is true? Can I grow my own roses from my cut stems?

The short answer is, yes, just as with many other bushes, roses can be grown from cuttings. It can take a couple of years before your new plant produces any blooms though.    Growing roses from cutting can be fun to try if you have a favorite rose or like to try new things. This could also be a great activity for kids.

To grow roses, the cuttings must be cut and planted quickly –  growing a new rose bush from roses you have received from a florist or placed in a vase will not work.  The best time to cut your stems and pot your rose cuttings is in the winter as rose bushes need to be pruned then. 

If you do decide to try raising roses, start with freshly cut long stems, remove all the leaves and recut the bottoms.  Next, you will want to de-thorn your stems and use rose propagating soil for planting.  Make sure to place your freshly planted rose cuttings in low-light and water sparingly.

Our family has been growing roses for over 30 years and it has become a passion of ours.  We would love to see your rose growing successes!  Makes sure to share with us on social and at

Happy Growing!

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