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Long-lasting blooms like never before

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From seed to door

Every bloom is raised to be regal

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Guaranteed to blow them away

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Farm Speciality


Nurtured with meticulous detail, our homegrown specialty roses are cultivated for their colorful and full, long-lasting blooms.

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expertly curated


With mesmerizing color combinations and bursting roses, our arrangements are stand-outs from stem to bud.

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Deep Roots

Cultivated to perfection

Our family has had its hands in the soil for over 30 years, mastering the techniques of raising, harvesting, and sharing floral excellence. Our mission for POMP is to create an experience that makes people feel something: flowers that truly shout and leave a lasting impact at a fair and honest price point.

From our calibrated temperature control to our variety-specific cutting methods, we’ve perfected the art of growing to ensure every arrangement is bursting with jealousy-inducing blooms.

We're combining time-honored growing techniques with a modern DTC approach. We cut flowers, not corners. With our business model and own supply chain, we are able to keep our prices reasonable, because we believe, luxury doesn’t need to be expensive.

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