Our Story

Rooted in family & raised with precision

Our Higher Standards

  • 01

    Cutting flowers, never corners

    From start to finish, we oversee every step of the process to ensure each arrangement is cultivated and delivered with the utmost royal care. That means no thorny middlemen and no wilted buds.

  • 02

    Hand-raised & sustainably grown

    Pampered from seed to stem, our flowers are given variety-specific attention to meet their every need: from cutting methods to soil nutrients to transport.

  • 03

    Petal perfection

    We hand-select and scrutinize each and every stem for our arrangements, ensuring only the finest of buds makes it to your tabletop.

  • 04

    Family-owned & operated

    Our decades-long floral practice is rooted in family. But our 30 year history transcends a last name: our farmers, florists, and local communities are vital branches of our legacy.

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Quito. Bogotá. Medellín.

South America is Home

We carefully chose to build our three family farms based on their proximity to the equator, ensuring each POMP variety gets their perfect dose of southern sun. Follow us for an inside look.