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Farm to Tablescape: Catching up with our Founders

For many, the 2020 global pandemic will go down in history as a cornerstone event that forever shifted something within them. Some took the time to re-assess their life from a birds’ eye view—and for a great number of individuals, this meant taking the time to pursue a long-lost dream.

For POMP founders and close cousins Steven Peisach and Ivette Harrouche, this was certainly the case.   Steven and Ivette grew up in a floral industry family. Their family’s farms are known and respected in Columbia and Ecuador and have shipped flowers to businesses across the world for decades. Colombia has even listed their family’s farm there as being one of the best places to work in the country.

Steven shares, “As a child, I always admired my parents’ passion for their flower farms. Throughout my life, I watched their wholesale business blossom into something amazing, and in the very back of my mind, I always knew there was a place in it for me, too.”  

Being an entrepreneur at heart, he had gone the investment route after college, but when the pandemic hit, he decided it was time to enter the floral business himself—but with a fresh take and nuanced perspective. Rather than continuing in his family’s footsteps by creating a business to business (B2B) brand, he decided to found a direct to consumer (D2C) brand.  

Steven saw a need and he filled it.  

See, while there are D2C brands out there, it is difficult to find ones that do not compromise quality for price and vice versa. So, he called up his cousin, Ivette, who is more like his sister, and asked her to be a co-founder in his new endeavor.  

Ivette had worked in retail for a bit after college before opening her own Barre studio back home in Colombia—but then Covid hit, and she says that, “when operations shifted virtually, there was something really special about being in Colombia near our family’s farms.” Little did she know she was being primed perfectly for a new opportunity. In reference to Steven’s call, she says, “The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The rest is history.”  

So, POMP was born. A brand rooted in years of experience and driven to deliver a true experience.   

Guaranteed to fill the room twice over, POMP’s florals are all about bounty and abundance. And because POMP is one of the only delivery companies who grows its own flowers, we stand out in a crowd, not only in quality control, but also cost effectiveness. Because there’s no middleman involved, costs are able to be kept reasonable—and large, beautiful arrangements are delivered right to your doorstep.  

What most sets POMP apart is the fact that we own our experience from day one. With a vast knowledge of growing and with over 300 varieties of roses at our disposal, we offer an experience many other floral companies cannot offer.

And the company is quickly gaining speed.  

“Our primary goal is to become a household, recognized name,” dreams Ivette. “To create a luxury experience at an attainable price. I want our POMP bouquets and flowers to be synonymous with quality, convenience, authenticity and transparency. We want to deliver a top notch floral experience that will become the new expectation.”  

After all, POMP is the world’s most unexpected floral experience, delivering over-the-top bouquets with lasting impact. From our calibrated temperature control to our variety-specific cutting methods, we’ve perfected the art of growing to ensure every bouquet is bursting with jealousy-inducing blooms.  

It all started from a childhood dream. And this is only the beginning.

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