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Flowers: Instant Mood Boosters

Flowers are instant mood boosters.  According to recent studies, flowers can improved mood, help with relationships and even improve memory.  Now that is some serious FLOWER POWER.

Reduce Stress:

Women reported in a recent study that they felt less stress after receiving cut flowers vs receiving a candle or nothing. A great way to reduce stress from work is to place an arrangement in a home office or near a work from home space. Floral arrangements can also be separated into smaller bundles and placed in bedrooms, bathrooms and smaller nooks around the home for a quick pick-me-up throughout your day.

Help your relationships:

Flowers have been shown to increase the level of compassion that people feel for others and after receiving flowers people are more willing to extend a helping hand to others. Because flower's improve a person's mood they then also pay it forward with generosity. Flowers can truly become a chain reaction of giving and gratitude.

Improve Memory:

Flowers are fragrant. Because smells are linked to memories, the powerful scents of flowers have the potential to trigger your brain to remember things more vividly. In the same Rutgers study mentioned above, people who were older than 55 years of age didn't just report improved mood, they reported improved memory.

That's some serious FLOWER POWER.

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