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How to Care for your New Blooms

First, open your flowers as soon as you receive them. Each of our beautiful floral bouquets are packaged for freshness and longevity while traveling to their destination from our farms. Next, remove the protective wrapping and prepare to cut the rose’s stems. Cutting the stems helps with water absorption. For best results, cut stems under cool water either in a stream. Cut the stems with a sharp knife or kitchen sheers at a 45 degree angle about one to two inches from the bottom. Do not use scissors to cut your flowers because they can crush the stems and prevent water absorption.

Next you will want to remove the lower leaves from the rose stems. Remove all leaves on the stems that will be When placing your cut roses in a vase submerged in the vase water. As leaves under water start to decay, they harbour bacteria that cause the roses to wilt as well. This simple trick of removing the leaves can increase the life of your flowers considerably!

It is now time to prepare your vase for your new flowers! You will want to thoroughly clean your vase with soup and water to make sure it doesn’t have any bacteria in it before adding clean water. Once your vase has been cleaned, add room temperature water. Tap water is generally fine for the vase, unless you have a water softener which has high amounts of sodium, in this case distilled water will also work. If a packet of flower preservative came with your bouquet, add it to the water, following the package directions. If you need to make your own or run out, you can make your own additive by adding a couple of drops of bleach and a pinch of sugar to fresh water. Water should be changed every day. When you change the water, re-wash the vase.

Your blooms will last the longest when placed in a cool room and out of direct sunlight. If you want to get your blooms to open faster for a party, placing them in warm water can force them to open a bit sooner.

Each flower will have it’s own life span. As each flower begins to age, remove the stem from the arrangement to extend the life of the other flowers.

It's now time to enjoy your beautiful new flower arrangement.


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