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Rose Colors Decoded: Here’s What They Really Mean

Have you ever wondered about rose color meanings? Perhaps a significant other once gifted you with an arrangement of roses and you wondered if they were sending you a signal. Perhaps they were indeed sending one, or perhaps they weren’t—but regardless, find some fun tips below so that you can be in the know on what our rose colors really mean.





Red roses are classically known for being of the romance variety. They signify passion, which only makes sense, because when you see something of the color, red, it automatically sparks something in you. It lights a fire in your subconscious—which is why we love a good red rose, especially our Ruby Reds.




Orange roses can represent the idea of life or excitement. There is a joy and a vivacious energy that vibrates through you when you see the color, orange—especially when it comes to roses. There’s something so lively about them, and this is one reason we love our Sunpeaks, which are our very own orange variety.




The color, pink, is generally known for its softness and femininity. There is a sweet nature about the color, pink. We love this about our Quito Pinks and Pink Petals, which each make perfect gifts for individuals who love to emphasize their feminine qualities.




The color, yellow, is associated with friendship, which makes it the perfect rose to bring to a friend for their birthday, their graduation, and more. Yellow roses are a safe bet for just about anyone, especially because the color is just so darn happy. For this very reason, we adore our Lemon Lace roses, which bring a smile to your face at even the briefest glance.




White roses are often selected for weddings because they represent young love. These are a sweet gift to offer to someone as a token of loyalty in the new stages of a relationship. We simply adore our Snow Caps, a fantastic option for budding romance, weddings, and new marriages.


Well, there you have it—the meaning of different rose colors. We hope you are left inspired and encouraged to dig deeper into rose color meanings in the future as well.

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