Let love bloom this Valentine's Day

How to Choose the Best Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • For a classic valentine's look, go for red roses arranged in a simple vase. Add some greenery for a pop of color, and you're good to go!
  • For something a little more unique, try yellow or peach roses. These colors represent happiness and friendship, making them perfect for expressing your love in a different way.
  • For something truly one-of-a-kind, opt for bi-color roses. These rare flowers are said to represent passion and mystery, and they're sure to stand out from the rest.

No matter what type of valentine's day bouquet you choose, your valentine is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of a beautiful arrangement on Valentine's Day. So make sure to place your order early to guarantee availability!

Guide to Valentine's Day Flower Bouquet Arrangements

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to surprise your love with something special. Looking for a way to express your feelings? This guide will help you decide on which valentines day floral arrangement is best. 

Different flowers, unique shapes and alluring colors are just a few of the possibilities; pick one that reflects your sentiment towards your loved one. 

For instance: 

  • Roses in red signify true love and respect
  • Pink connotes admiration and gratitude
  • Lilies capture admiration and devotion. 

Differentiating between colors can also have its own subtle meaning, so consider putting together a mix of shades to express your ever-growing emotions. Use these tips to arrange the perfect Valentine's Day flower bouquet - who knows, you may even be lucky enough to enjoy it too!

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What are the best flowers for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is a wonderful chance to show that special person in your life how much you love them, and what better way to do it than with a valentine's day bouquet of gorgeous flowers. From classic red roses, to valentines day floral arrangements bursting with color and beauty, there's something for everyone. If you want to make your valentine truly feel loved, consider sending a unique valentines day bouquet full of their favorite blooms or ones that hold meaningful memories for the two of you. Whether you go all out with an extravagant display of petals or keep it simple with some happy valentines day blooms, Sending flowers will always be one of the best ideas for valentines day.

What is the flower associated with Valentine's Day?

Traditional valentines day bouquets often include red roses prominently among its florals, but there's no shortage of other flowers that are just as beautiful. Some popular valentines day floral arrangements may feature other colors of roses and lilies in addition to classic red roses.

How can I send flowers on Valentine's Day?

It’s easy to send Valentine’s day flowers with POMP.  All of our flowers are sent nationally next-day when ordered by 2pm EST M-F.  Order your Valentine’s day bouquet early for our best selection this Valentine’s day.

What color flower to give a girl on valentines day?

While red remains the traditional pick for valentines day floral arrangements, there is something to be said for trying something new! 

  • Yellow flowers to represent friendship and joy;
  • Pink and purple flowers stand for sweetness and appreciation;
  • Orange flower symbolizes enthusiasm and vibrancy. 

Whichever color you choose, she'll love the gesture of a beautiful valentines day bouquet.

What are the meanings of different valentine's day rose colors?

This valentines day, why not express your feelings to the special person in your life through a bouquet of roses? Roses have been used to say ‘I love you’ for centuries, but did you know that a Valentine's day bouquet of different colored roses has a secret meaning all its own? 

  • Red roses are the classic valentina show of love and romantic emotions.
  • Pink is often given as a sign of admiration or appreciation. 
  • White roses can be used to signify new beginnings or beginnings of a friendship
  • yellow traditionally stands for joy, happiness and freedom from care.

 If you really want to make your valentine smile this year, put together an arrangement with all these colors for a reminder that you think about them all year long! A Valentine’s day floral arrangement with combinations of these colors is sure to make any Valentine's occasion feel extra special.

How much does Valentine's flower delivery cost?

We deliver nationally next-day for $18

Can I Send Valentine's Day Bouquets to my friends?

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your friends how much they mean to you. A valentine's bouquet is an easy and thoughtful way to show that you're thinking of them. Whether you’re near or far away, delivering a beautiful valentine's day floral arrangement to your friend is sure to make their day extra special! With vibrant colors and timeless arrangements, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from.