Flowers were Perfect

"I received my order the next day, all the flowers were perfect and of excellent quality, it was surprising to see the freshness of the flowers, congratulations, from today I will only buy in POMP FLOWERS!"

- John P.


What color of roses are best for December Holdiay gifts?

For December holiday gifts, consider the timeless elegance of red and white roses, symbolizing love and purity, to capture the festive spirit. The combination of these classic hues creates a beautiful and meaningful bouquet, perfect for spreading warmth and joy during the holiday season.

Christmas vs Hannukah vs Kwanza Flowers?

Christmas flowers often feature red and white blooms like roses and poinsettias. We suggest our Red Magic Arrangement.

Hanukkah is associated with blue and white flowers like irises. We suggest our Radiance Arrangement

Kwanzaa is symbolized by red, green, and black blooms such as roses and chrysanthemums. We suggest our Twilight Arrangment.

The perfect "thank you for hosting" flowers?

Nothing shouts "Thank you, it was delicious and so fun" like our colorful Roseland Arrangement. Its a fan favorite!


Our family has been growing roses for over 30 years.  Every ​flower is given expert, variety specific care from seed to ​delivery.  We are passionate about flowers and we want you to feel, smell and see that passion in every bloom we deliver.  We are confident that your will love your POMP flowers but ​if you are ever not satisfied with your POMP experience, we ​will do everything we can to make it right.

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